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Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures. My father and my grandfather did love pictures before me as well. We could argue that taking family pictures is passed from generation to generation in our family. Although in fairness the habit of picture taking is only three generations old. I loved taking pictures of the kids when they were swimming or doing other things. But in particular, this time I did a lot of close up pictures. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why closeups were part of the pictures taken this particular day. It was one of those; I guess I am going to take close-ups. These pictures from the time when the pool was the center of our family on the weekends.

It was the center of our family during the week as well; I just wasn’t there as often during the week. On the weekend the kids would wake up, come downstairs and ask can we open the pool? We had a rule that there had to be a responsible adult with the kids while they were in the pool. That often let me off pool duty as I am not an adult! Well, at least I tried to get away with that claim. It didn’t work with my wife or with the kids, but I tried more than once.  The pool had a cover. You had to go to the end of our deck, that was outside the kitchen. The pool cover’s “control system” was at the end of the deck. You took the key out, turned it to the right and the pool cover opened.

Closing it meant that no one could be in the pool. Opening it meant everyone could be in the pool. Over the years we had lots of different chairs around the pool. There were a few I liked, and at one point we had the most amazing chairs that had built in umbrellas and padding. Those lasted about three years, the impact of web children on furniture is nearly as large as wet dogs. Dogs by the way never sat on the pool furniture. That was not from the dogs not wanting to be on that furniture it was more because the good furniture rocked back and forth. Neither Fran nor Gwen was willing to get on moving furniture. I suspect, the Labs we have now would consider it a challenge accepted to climb on moving furniture. But not Fran or Gwen. Another day from the past shared as part of the family history project!


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  1. I admire your habits in documenting many things, especially about family, that’s cool.
    After I think and try to remember about it, though not as much as you have, I also have a large collection of family photos. My problem with that is how and where I keep it.


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