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A moment, of the sun, captured forever. I suspect, the motivation to have a pool was because of the pictures shared today. The fun the kids had, then in the pool was the driver for adding it to the house when we did. I would, knowing now what I didn’t know then, have a pool that I owned again. We have a pool in our neighborhood now, but the neighborhood HOA is responsible for maintenance, not me. That makes me happy, regarding my Saturday! Pool pumps go bad, hot tubs have leaks, and the list goes on. We still, on the back patio of our house have a hot tub. But that is more because we love having the hot tub and it is a lot easier to maintain than a pool is. Plus, a hot tub is a great cure for back pain. Pools just cause back pain.

I remember Fran today for some unknown reason. Gwen had fallen into the pool we had in Cincinnati once, so she stayed far away from the pool. Fran loved the water but used to get really bad ear infections, so she didn’t swim. She would stand on the top step of the pool watching her girl. I suspect if the bean had ever struggled or failed in the water somehow Fran would have been in the water dragging her out of the pool. That never happened, so Fran just watched. Over the years we had so many pool parties. I don’t miss the pool. I do miss the parties, the many times we got to have people over to enjoy the water, the chairs (most adults) and just hanging out.

I also miss those times when our neighbors would just wander over and swim. When our adjoining yard neighbors moved away, the neighborhood lost something. They moved out in 2010; it was less than a year later that we moved out. We opened the pool for 2011, in May and shut it down from the last in July 2011. We sold the pool furniture and all the parts of the backyard that wasn’t attached to the ground. We sold the play yard and the trampoline. Then we packed our bags and headed off to Maryland. I do not feel sad about leaving Indiana. I do at times feel sad about not having a pool in the backyard. Then I remember getting up at 8 in the morning from a noon pool party to skim, clean and treat the pool. Then doing the same thing the next day to clean up the pool after the party. I don’t miss that at all!

(Author’s Note: None of the pictures are sideways on my computer. I appear to have a landscape vs portrait picture upload issue).


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