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Wander project Greenwood IN

Two events that occurred the summer before we moved to Maryland (2010) the first was me testing our Kayak. We sold our boat in the Spring of 2010 and ended up getting two canoes and a kayak. I tried the canoes, no problem in the pond. The Kayak I managed to, well tip over and dunk myself. These are the proposed dunking pictures of me walking into the yard with soaking clothes. I suspect this event; I’ve shared before, was more of a trama to my ego than anything else. Except I will say that while the pond smelled bad when you were near it, it smelled a lot worse when you were in it. The laughter of my children didn’t help the ego much. At least Fran was concerned about making sure

The second set of pictures were from eh model rocket the twins and I built and launched. Our goal was to launch straight up and then with a light wind the rocket would settle down in the playground of the schoolyard. We launched from the cornfield just beyond the twins school. That was the plan. Up in the air about 600 feet and slowly settle back to earth after the deployment of the parachute. Over the years I’ve launched more than 100 model rockets. The angle, variables and everything was perfect. The launch didn’t work the first time (dead batteries). We had spare batteries (this again was something I had done before you often needed new batteries). The launch was spotless.

The angle was a little lower than I projected off of vertical. The wind which my handheld meter put at 3 mph was closer to 6 mph. Both of those small adjustments were not made. What did that mean? Well, it meant that my landing spot was off by roughly 300 yards. Or, over the school, over the street and all the way to a house across the street, landing on the top of the fence (with a beware of dog sign on it). The parachute is catching the top of the fence. We pulled the rocket down gently (the dog came over to examine what we were doing). Again the landing location off by 300 yeards. The second launch worked much better than the first, and the third was pristine. Other than on the 3rd launch the parachute melted, and the rocket became a missile, destroying all our work in one bad crash.


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