Wander project Green County/Monroe County Line Indiana (waiting for the bride)

We are inching closer to the big moment! Weddings are all about milling, waiting and wondering. My sister, niece, and brother-in-law did an amazing job of reducing the stress of waiting. It was out of their control that we ended up with the biggest rainfall of the year. But everything was planned well and came together regardless of the weather. That is the best planning of all. When what you re doing is not so bound to the moment and instead allows for change. Kudo’s to my much younger sister, niece and brother-in-law (who isn’t much younger by the way) on doing a great job of planning and executing their plan for the wedding. Umbrellas were recommended, you did have to walk about 10 feet between the two buildings. The rain by that time was coming down hard.

Originally, pre-rain, the wedding ceremony was going to be outdoors. That shifted to the left because of the rain. It didn’t matter the site was beautiful, perfect for the moment. We wandered to the pavilion. All of the people around us were people I knew. I have to be honest and say I had met some of the other folks over the years, but the vast majority of people were new. That was a lot of fun. I met some people that I had known of but had never met. I also got to hang out with my cousins. I don’t see my cousins as much now as I did when we were all younger. I remember, my grandfather always making a point of going up to Marshfield to see my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins when I spent the summers in Cambridge.

I think my mom enjoyed my spending the summers away more than anyone. Other possibly than my father who also enjoyed the freedom from me. I wonder if I should worry about that (just kidding mom). The wind picked up a little once we were seated. As they rolled out the processional sheet for the bride to walk down, the wind picked up a lot. There are a few pictures of feet keeping the paper from blowing around. Some of the flower petals strewn by the flower girls blew off the paper. Some, blew before they even landed. The flower girls were the cutest! I was glad for my suit jacket; it was a little cool. Sadly I forgot my rule and let my wife have the camera, ergo a couple of pictures of me in the mix.

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