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wander project funny story – Apple Ocean

Ellie935 asked about bizarre or lucky stories that came up from events. As you can see from the pictures, the twins were very small at the origin of this story. We were on our way to a cruise in Miami Florida. We would leave from Miami and head out into the Caribbean Sea for a cruise to Grand Bahama Island and the wonderful Grand Cayman island. The trip was our second cruise and the twins were well versed in the rules. We were all prepared as we boarded for the mandatory lifeboat drill. Our daughter had a rash on her leg that wasn’t going away so, during the drill, I took her down to the infirmary. Well, I took her down before the drill, not wanting to stick my wife with prepping the twins.

But, the infirmary was overloaded with people. So we waited, did the lifeboat drilling the infirmary and got a salve for the rash. My poor wife had to deal with the twins by herself. On the way back to our cabin after the drill, one of the twins grabbed an apple. It was from the open care and he munched the apple on the way down to the room. The twins then came out onto the tiny deck that was part of our suite. The twin ate the apple down to the core, nothing left but tiny bits of apple and the seeds. You could see the apple seeds. There was not apple left. I took the core away from the twin, ergo the faces you see on the chairs, and dropped it off the deck into the ocean.

The twin went back into the room and told my wife, “apple, ocean.” My poor wife tried to figure out what they were saying. As I walked into the cabin, the twin pointed at me and said, “dad, apple ocean,” my wife finally understood. She asked me why I had thrown the apple into the ocean. I explained that it was not an apple but only the core. I have shared this story many times in my blog. It is one that always makes me simple when I think about it. Because the cruise was wonderful, the apple core in the Miami FL harbor was going to come back though.  That vacation was in the spring of 2001. Later that year we went to a park in Northern Indiana. As we walked around the lake, the twin looked at me, looked at the water and said, “an apple, Ocean.” For the next year, everybody of water was greeted with Apple, Ocean!


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  1. that is the cutest thing ever and I was about to ask you where the Apple Ocean was lol I bet some happy fish got some fruit. You know I am always curious about many things so I went and Googled apple ocean and got a page full of Oceanspray Apple Juice lol


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