Wander project from the Fair to Chicago!

Interesting picture journey today, we wander far, and we wander back.  We start with the fair. Most likely the fair in Franklyn Indiana. We went there, in this case, I believe it was for both working in the Ice Cream booth, but also for dog agility. There are a couple of great pictures of Fran waiting not to obey my daughter. The two, Fran and my daughter had a long dispute over who was actually in charge. I suspect, in the end; it was Fran.

The fair then leads us to images of the Chicago Children’s museum in Navy Pier. I guess technically to be fair you are on a pier you are on a pier. Under the pier is water. Navy Pier was built just before World War II and was built to the exact dimensions length and so on of the deck of an aircraft carrier. That way Navy pilots could practice taking off and landing on a carrier, in a somewhat more controlled environment. I.e., if they missed they didn’t end up in the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, just lake Michigan!

We spent a lot of time in Chicago over the years. My sister lives there now (we only have one family member still living in the Greenwood/Indianapolis area now).  For many years it was my work week destination. We would save up Marriott points, and when we had enough, and there was a nice holiday weekend, we would wander up to Chicago. While the Children’s Museum (Riley) is so much better in Indianapolis than Chicago, all the other museums are better in Chicago!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!