Wander project Fathers Day 2019

Yesterday the aperture turned towards water, sky and wandering. It was a day spent on the water, always fun! We looked for Osprey, but there weren’t any to begin the ride. There were later, and I will share those pictures over the next couple of days. The interesting thing from yesterday was the camp (literally across the water from our slip) is open. I suspect it has been open for a couple of weeks, but this time I noticed the music and kids running around.

Happy Father’s day if today is the day you celebrate.

You are belated or early if you celebrate on another day.

Father’s day is tough because the last present I ever bought my dad, sits in the house. I don’t have the heart to throw it away. So it sits in the house. My father passed away ten days or so before father’s day five years ago. It makes today a really hard day. It also makes me feel bad for all you have lost their parents. I wish a painful memory free day for all of you (that have lost parents).

I remember the first lesson I got many years ago, about what to do if you fall into the water. That you should shed your shoes first, if you are on or near a boat, that has capsized, see if the boat is stable. If the boat is stable use it for flotation. Life is a lot like that lesson. We have to shed those things that weigh us down. The things that take from us, we need to push away. In pushing away, we free ourselves from the negativity around us. I do miss my dad. He was a grand man. He brought so much to this world and me. I cannot express all the things he did for all the people he helped. I can only share the conversation I had with a former student of his on facebook.

“Your father changed my life.” His former student said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I grow tomatoes in my classroom now because of him.” The student replied.

I said thank you, but I am still touched by the impact dad had on his students.

Happy Father’s day, dad.


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Your Dad will never be forgotten. Sounds like he touched a lot of lives. Two years now without mine. Such a void. But life goes on.

    Your words were so true about things weighing us down. Letting go is the hardest.


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