Wander project Edgewater Maryland!

There is a place near Annapolis called Edgewater. It borders the two rivers (Rhodes and South) that are south of Annap[olis. We took a day trip and wandered around the area. We had seen it from the water and wanted to wander the land side. There are a lot of really nice houses and interesting historical places to wander in Edgewater. The last place we went was the Edgewater restaurant. Several people had said it was the place to go in Edgewater. It seemed to be the see and be seen the place in town. Location off of Mayo drive (but they didn’t include Mayo with their French fries, that would have been perfect.) Mayo is one of the main drags in the town of Edgewater.

I include a link to my Yelp Review here.

When I was younger, we used to take Sunday drives. I think Sunday drives faded in our family as the cost of gasoline went up. When I was a little kid gas was 40 cents or less a gallon. In 1978 I won 100 gallons of gasoline. The funniest part of that was the fact that when I registered for the prize gas of 54 cents a gallon. By the time I got the coupons for the 100 gallons of gas the price for Gasoline was more than $1.10 per gallon. My dad and I (I had my first car by then) used all 100 gallons. None of it went to waste! But by the time I had won the free gas, the family Sunday drives had long since ended. I suspect most people had stopped taking Sunday afternoon drives by then.

We did get to have our favorite (my wife and I) we love Maryland Crab Dip. Normally a cheese covered, cream cheese crab and onion mix served with a loaf of warm bread. This was a really good version!

We didn’t, by the way, have crab on our Sunday drives when I was a kid.

The first time I ever had crab my dad went to the fishing wharf at Pattaya (a resort south and west of Bangkok Thailand) and got fresh (still living) blue crab. We made them fresh on the stove in the cottage where we were staying. It was amazing. I love crab. We didn’t, in the middle often have good fish. In the course of making it to Bangkok, I learned I loved to fish!


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