Wander project Delaware, water and Spring!

Ah the each, it is an annual right of spring, heading to the water — either a beach or a portable beach (our boat). Either way or anyway it is on the water. At the end of March, we will start, hopefully heading to the Bay again. It is difficult sometimes when the spring weather arrives. You have rain, lots of rain, and that changes both what you can, and not do on the weekend. There is also the opening of the year things you have to do around the house. The yard and of course the house itself have many projects that need to happen. Cars need spring maintenance, and of course, there is as always the reality of time. Time is the one thing we can’t brew in the morning and slowly sip all day.

One of the things my wife and I often laugh about is the Twins. You see the twins and our daughter in the water in the pictures. Every picture you ever see of the twins, our daughter, and the water they, the three of them are in the water. But the twins steadfastly to the beach always decry the water. We shall not take to the beach, they announce and have announced. We don’t go in the water they say. Then, they go into the water. They play the game that they have played since they were little. They call the game, the three of them, wave jumping. We could argue, that there isn’t enough space between the sand and their feet to clear the waves.

But it makes them happy. Nt wife loves to sit on the beach and relax. My daughter alternates between hanging out with the Twins and hanging out with mom. Me, I prefer to walk the beach. So does, Dylan when he gets to come with us to the beach. Raven, doesn’t love the water, she prefers to walk the beach with me as well, it makes her nervous that her twins are in the water.

For this particular trip, the entire drive to Delaware was filled with “we aren’t going in the water,” It took an extra hour as we weren’t staying on the beach. We had to unpack the car and drive there!


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Written by DocAndersen

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