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My Uncle, Aunt, and cousins came for the wedding, so the day after my mother hosted a brunch for everyone. My Uncle and Aunt were driving back to Wisconsin. My cousins were driving to Indy to catch planes back to Minnesota and Colorado. My wife and I were going to drive back to Maryland. My sister and her husband were driving back to Chicago. The bride and groom were getting ready to fly to California (the next day). My mother was staying put. My sister (mother of the bride) and brother-in-law were taking the truck full of all the furniture and stuff the bridge and groom would need in California (the groom is stationed in California). But the brunch was awesome.

I won’t spend a lot of time on the food, it was amazing. Thick cut bacon, grits with smoked sausage and many other traditional brunch foods. Brunch is always a fun meal. Many years ago, when, I was working in the restaurant world (and at that time thinking seriously about becoming a chef), I used to be the head cook for the best brunch in Bloomington (as voted on or selected by the Herald-Telephone, the local paper). We, the restaurant where I worked, did not serve a buffet brunch. Everything was made to order. Normally that means I spent Saturday afternoon preparing for the next’s day’s serving. We would serve Quiche Lorraine and some other dishes.

Since we drove in, we weren’t asked to provide anything, so I didn’t have to make quice for brunch. We probably should have made some but oh well. It was nice to relax, catch up and see people we don’t get to see often. The last time I had seen my son’s was nearly ten years before. I think that was also the last time I saw my Aunt and Uncle. My father’s sister (the last one remaining from that family) was not able to make the wedding. It would have been nice to see them as well. Texas to Indiana is a long drive. Still, it was a wonderful chance to see my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle. My sister looked relaxed as did my brother in law having survived the wedding. The bride and groom looked happy, but exhausted. Their lives beginning the next day with their trip to California.

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