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Wander project beyond the lines…

More flowers today, the goal being to brighten and share. The wander is leaving the flowers as an offering, as we head off into the world of my thoughts.  Today I am wandering the reality of being at home. I know that people are getting more stressed and yet less stressed. I am free of the commute. I spend some days three or more houses in the car driving 50 miles. When I was first learning to drive, I lived in a small Indiana town, Bloomington, Indiana. You would ask a question about how far away a place was; they would say miles to time. What are miles to time? That means 14 miles give or take is around 15 minutes of travel time. Usually just a little more, but not a huge amount.

Perhaps instead say 14 miles was around 20 minutes of real-time. Now, living near a big city with traffic issues, you don’t say that. Twenty-five miles in 90 minutes, no matter when I go. I can sometimes cut that amount to 75 minutes, but not often. It is an expression of time that is confusing and yet can quickly be determined. That is the reality of the time spent in a car. That time is gone now. The good thing is I am not staring at my windshield. The bad thing, I am not getting a 3-hour injection of audible books. Over a work month, I would be able to consume 4 or 5 distinct books as I commuted. Now I am down to 1 a week as I take Audible with me on my morning walk.

That is the change of being home. That now budgeted time is different. I usually would do this as a poll and ask questions about what do you do differently now. But I wanted to share pictures of flowers as well. So in the comments, if you would, or whatever form you wish, what has changed the most for you? Are you watching the sky more? Or are you stopping and smelling flowers that push from the ground to greet you? Are you reaching out to friends you haven’t talked in a while? To say, hey, are you OK? Find a happy medium where some routine is maintained. But also take this time to celebrate the newness, the opportunity to try a new way of doing things.

Have a great day!

i believe these are Shasta daisies...

flowers and bees!

Bee happy

bee covered in pollen!


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