Wander project Bangkok redux (day 2)

One night in Bangkok, or so the song starts. It is a magical city. One that I can honestly say always sins my top places to visit list! Bangkok is a mix of the old and the new. The modern and the ancient. Growing up in Bloomington Indiana an old building was 100 years old. Sometimes in the state of Indiana, there were 200-year-old buildings. We would travel to the east coast on occasion and see 300-year-old buildings.

Now, in Bangkok, we were suddenly standing next to temples that were 2000 years old. Or even more than 2000 years old. It was awe inspiring. To see buildings that were older even than those of Europe (we had come to Thailand by way of Europe). The land of smiles was everything I was told it would be. Yes, the transition from an American school to an English school was difficult. In part because I grew up in a place where you were encouraged to speak.

Not at BPS, there was an encouragement not to talk, to be quiet. That took me five months to learn. It was funny; we had several native Thai students in our class (4), plus nationals from many other countries (including six from the UK) and two Americans. 99% of the time if someone was talking in class, it was one of the two Americans. Both of us got in trouble sometimes for talking in class. Different time, place and different starting points make all the difference.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I agree. Thailand is indeed a beautiful place altho very touristy. I like its countryside better. Keeping and practicing silence is one of the virtue being taught because talking uses unnecessary energy. I once asked a friend if chatting is still considered “talking” since I don’t use the mouth to talk. Lol


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