Wander project Baltimore MD…

The museum is not just indoors. It is in three buildings. One of the buildings was closed on Sunday for a wadding. Yes, since watching the wonderful movie “father of the bride” many years ago I cannot call it a wedding. It is a wadding. As we exited the first building, we got to wander past some of the outdoor artwork. There are some pictures of the many outdoor displays. The zen garden required a video (here is the link). There was a cool pavilion between the 2nd and the 3rd buildings. It looked up at Fort McKinley. On one side of the pavilion was a stork with a nest on the side of the building. I have to say the size of the story alone made me nervous! We walked past the wonderful zen garden and then into the last building.

The first display was of robots. It reminded me of the movie Robots. I suspect the person that created the robot display was influenced by similar things from the past as was the creator of the movie. The 3rd building was a large open floor. Again the three buildings of the museum complex were converted industrial buildings. The first building was broken up into three distinct floors each of them with space for exhibits and the 3rd floor focused on the restaurant and one smaller display area. The ground between the buildings was also focused on outdoor displays. The gift shop was also in the first building. That was a very interesting trip I have to say. Some interesting items were for sale.

The last building, where the robots were, was open. I suspect it was left open on purpose.  There are some larger art displays in the 3rd building. Blue the ox, famous as the bud of Paul Bunyon. Paul Bunyon was a legendary lumberjack. He was also famous for being very tall. Babe was his best friend/companion blue ox. Many of us I am sure to have blue owsen as companions. There was also an elephant and a very intricate display of working mechanized models. I know that the models were working because my wife pressed every single button along the entire wall of mechanized models. Finally, there was a decorated car in the other corner and a giant ball made of bras. Art is a perception and a feeling.


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