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Wander project Australia, and the loneliness of traveling alone…

I spent two weeks in Austrailia, or OZ as it is sometimes called. We were making a business trip, but based on timing and the need to be awake and aware during the business meetings, I arrived on a Friday and had a weekend to wander (I ended up traveling all over the country. I made it to three of the places I wanted to go out of 4. The only place I didn’t get to visit was Perth.). There are three things that I remember about that trip. The first is hanging out with a good friend whose philosophy in life is walking before you eat.

The second thing was that they ere filming one of the Superman Movie reboots in Sydney while we were there. Not that I saw anyone from Hollywood personally, although we did walk by the sets a couple of times, to see the cool old cars. I also did, the second weekend when everyone else was heading home or other locations, actually get to walk around a bit on my own. The picture of the Rolls Royce was, outside of a wedding near the hotel where I was in Sydney.

It was a Rolls Royce when you see one; you have to take the picture!

I also remember how hard it was to stay connected with my family when I was 12, 13 hours different than they were. I would call each night at 7 in the morning my time, which depending on the Asian time zone I was in was 6, 7 or 8 pm their time. I would then also call at 7 or 8 pm, whenever I got back to the hotel, it would be early morning back home. It at least was a level of connection. When traveling in Europe, I could only call once a day. End of the day my time was mid-afternoon their time, I often missed them as they had school and other activities. It is lonely to travel when it is just you.


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