Wander project another stop in Seattle!!!

There was a time when I worked in a product group as a program manager. I was in Seattle for 14 straight weeks and then was off on a world tour (Asia and then Europe). I forgot so many things about Seattle over the years. There were many trips and many pictures. The cool thing about the pictures I am sharing today is one of the best sunset pictures I ever took in Seattle. I don’t take many pictures that I consider great. But I believe in sharing even if they aren’t great. The sunset pictures I am sharing of Downtown Seattle Washington today are my favorite. Taken from the 4th or 5th floor of a building that has a restaurant on top that we went to for an event.

I love water anyway, so being able to see out over the water while eating was fantastic! Over my years of visiting Seattle, I had the opportunity to make many friends. Some of my favorite people on earth live in Seattle. It is funny how that happens. Over the years you wander to a place over and over. You meet people and become friends. In that friendship, you find not only similarity but differences. Differences and the ability to overcome them are often what makes for the best friendships!

The shore of downtown Seattle is a fun place to wander. Some of my favourite restaurants ever are there. Wild Ginger, The Metro Grill and Brooklyn Bar and Grill. Each one of the restaruants listed has a different style of food which makes it even more fun. Just outside of downtown Seattle on the Lake Union is Dnaiel’s Broiler and of course the fabulous chain “I love Sushi.” I wonder sometimes if the chain was named for their love of Sushi rather than ours. That is the best Sushi I had until moving to the US East Coast.


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