Wander project Annapolis Maryland

Heading from the inner harbor of Annapolis MD at night. I took a lot of o pictures over the weekend. I did the math the other day at my current rate of share ~120 per week and our current rate of production (around 120 per week) of new pictures I will never catch up. I am still sitting on more than 30,000 unshared pictures that I didn’t take and another problem 100,000 pictures I did take that haven’t been shared. In part because there is an eight meg upload limit per image on Virily. Many of the pictures taken with my Canon, just are too big. Many of the scans of old slides are also too big to share.

We had a blast walking along the inner harbor. It, the inner harbor of Annapolis is split into two distinct areas. One area is called Ego Alley, that is where the 70, 80 foot and larger yachts are parked. They, the larger yachts are fun to look at, but not something that interests my wife and I. We are more intrigued by the smaller boats. That said, on the other side of the inner harbor, it is more of a party area. Navy was down in Texas playing SMU, or the crowds would have been filled with many more people in dress whites.

The sky was overcast, so it was darker at 8 pm than it would normally be.  One of the long-running conversations in our relationship has been the concept of dates. What counts as a date and what doesn’t count as a date? Starbucks breakfast and coffee far from home, does not count as a date. But breakfast at the Village Deli in Bloomington Indiana does count. I suspect there may be some evolution of rules going on, but I am not sure.


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