Wander project Annapolis at night!

After dinner, we wandered around Annapolis a bit. We were both tired; it is a long week of working leading to a long weekend of running around so that we can go back to work and start the cycle over again.  Dinner, at Buddy’s crab shack, was fun. Sometimes my wife and I order what we call a shared dinner. Basically what that means is we order appetizers and enjoy the time. It is something we have done for many years. In particular, this time we got Buddy’s crab dip (oh my that is sinful), BBQ wings and the coconut shrimp. All three paired with a hard cider for my wife and a Yuengling draft for me. The food was fantastic (we’ve been to Buddy’s before). I love the restaurant it is a festive place to hang out!

Then we wandered back to the water taxi. A bumpy ride back to the marina but I was glad we hadn’t taken our boat. While I am comfortable piloting the boat, I am not as comfortable at night. That is a next year goal, to take the boat out at night. We arrived back at the Marina with no issues. Our Captain was great, and we had a wonderful conversation as we traversed the space between the inner harbor and back creek. The paint did a great job of navigating the swells so that we didn’t rock back and forth as much. It was really fun coming into the back creek with all the lights on. As we landed on the dock to head to our boat, we heard the sounds of a wedding reception that was being held at the next marina down.

It had been a day, we decided to head to the restroom, and then we would sit out on the back of the boat for a relaxing evening. Sadly in the process of shutting the boat door, we accidentally locked the door. With the keys inside the cabin of the boat. We had to call a locksmith at 9 o’clock at night to come and open the boat door. The locksmith wasn’t going to be able to come for more than an hour in the end. We ended up sitting on the boat having a wonderful conversation and relaxing until 1030 at night. My only complaint about the Locksmith was the amount of money they charged to open the door. Because they had to “pick” the lock they charged was 200 bucks. That was a horrible fee, and we are never going to use that company again. Oh well, you live and learn, and beggars can’t be choosers.


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Written by DocAndersen

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