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The last picture is one that I forgot we had in the archive. It is a picture of Fran, snuggling with the kids on the couch. The three kids are more prominent now; they wouldn’t fit that way on the couch. Fran has been gone for six years now. But it doesn’t matter what time changed the moment captured in this picture is forever. A digital image was taken and held indefinitely in my heart: the moment and the opportunity. We had an open house in Indiana. We have an open house in Maryland. When we first moved to Maryland, our house was not accessible. It was more of a closed residence with one room at the back of the house that was more open. It was the living/family room area in the home.

Open houses, in particular, a living room with big windows, is one of my wife’s goals for a home! Over the years, we lived in the house; we had two different couches in the space where you use the smaller lounge. We ended up getting a sectional (we had one in the basement). Kids and dogs are hard on furniture, and you sometimes have to replace things more often. But the last picture today is of that moment captured with my wife hugging Fran. The first two pictures are of the Skyline of Chicago, Illinois, from the waterside. We spent a lot of time in Chicago, well I did, the kids and my wife visited me from time to time. Chicago was a unique place for me.

I was born just outside of the old town, Chicago. I lived there in Skokie and then Vernon hills until I was five years old. We then moved to Bloomington, Indiana. It is a memory I will never forget. Not that it was wrong, mind you, it was a huge change. A lot of what is my life now, in terms of memories either happened in Bloomington, Bangkok, or Lake Ripley (Cambridge Wisconsin). I have many memories of Chicago, but that is more later memories hanging out with friends when I was working downtown. Downtown Chicago is something I remember but more the museums we used to go to when I was little. The Field Museum of Natural history, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Museum of Science and Indstructy are all places I have many memories of from my childhood!

Chicago from the water!

our friend Mary and her dog Dill

Fran as a puppy and the kids hanging out on the couch!


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