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Wander project a hole and a Lab.

The hole.

A hole in the ground.

More a trench than a true hole. The trench dug because of a Lab. Raven, in particular. She is the great Chipmunk hunter. The equalizer or eliminator of Chipmunk domination. Without Raven’s intervention, there would be Chipmunks everywhere. Instead, they hide in our backyard. Apparently, for many years they, the Chipmunk nation had free reign of the drainpipe. Until Raven,  then they no longer had free reign. Plus, we no longer had a drainpipe. Every time it rained, the water was pouring off the roof, right into the footer of our house (bad). So the twins and I dug a trench there in the yard. The trench you’ll notice goes to the edge of the drain pipe. There was also a pipe (plastic) that stretched from the drain to the yard. We ended up burying the pipe. We connected it to the edge of the drainpipe from the roof and sealed it with dirt. I hope that is enough; you can see from the picture (the very first one) that we spent a lot of time digging the trench. We also didn’t spend a lot of time putting things back together and dumped grass seed on the spot we created.

The rest of the pictures are from the boat, but talking about the hole was more critical today. Plus hole’s and boats aren’t a good combination. You never want an unplugged hole in a boat. Plugged holes are often in powerboats (when they are going full speed water doesn’t come in the seacocks so having them open isn’t an issue).

I should have done this three years ago. I didn’t. We shall see if this is enough to stop Raven. She can be a little stubborn.

A hole.

Not in the boat.

Just a hole in the ground.

Not, a hobbit hole just a hole hole.

What do you think?

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  1. Great area and boat although I would be slightly afraid as I do not know how to swim. Yes, you read right. I guess I would need three lifejackets: one for each arm and one for my chest and maybe another two for my legs as I am pretty hefty.

    • The US Coastguard actually has three classes of life jackets (I, II and III shockingly) class III lifejackets will keep your head above water no matter what you do. Even if you are knocked unconscious. We only have the class III jackets on the boat!

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