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Walk through the center of Belgrade, the second part.

Robin Biznis July 2.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

March 24, 1988, the first” McDonald’s” restaurant open  in square Slavija in  Belgrade.The restaurant is also the first in Central and Southeastern Europe.Belgrade is on the map of the world as the only communist city in which citizens eat the same things that  eaten from Vancouver, via New York to London.On the first day of the restaurant’s opening, citizens waited in large numbers to enter the restaurant and try what”McDonald’s” offers.These days the Serbs teased the Croats “We have McDonald’s and where is your?But the time and political mood for the Western powers have changed.Thus, in 2008, demonstrators in Belgrade collapsed, next to the building of the US Embassy, and to the famous  “McDonald’s” on Slavija that demolished.

                                                   Business building of the bank on the square in Slavija.

Naturally the building was later renovated, and the perpetrators of criminal acts  arrested and punished.In 1988, the Serb police in front of McDonald’s  regulated the crowd of Serbs who wanted to enter the world by entering McDonald’s, so that twenty years later they would guard this facility from those Serbs who thought the world was unfair to them.

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I am Dragan Čanković aged 65 years. I live in Belgrade, Serbia as a pensioner. On this site, my nickname is as well as on Facebook Robin Biznis.

Here I am trying to make some money through my own.

It's also very interesting for me to read what other people are writing and publishing.

I experience it as a creative work that actually is.

I wish you all good health and happiness to all of you.

Dragan Cankovic


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  1. We visit MacDonalds because the people in it are friendly but don’t eat fast food a lot.
    I like the fact they have a Ronald MacDonald house or somewhere where parents can visit sick children in hospital and MacDonalds also have playgrounds for children.

      • Welcome… Well, I don’t think that has anything to do with that, since some of us are here for 3 years and these are just some daily posts… We all post and comment the same and I was just wondering about your “secret”, heheheheheh 😉 Maybe you share your articles on social networks or something like that… I noticed there are some you don’t have many comments on them but still they get in the Hot posts, so that surprised me, and I always see several of your posts there….. 🙂

        I’m not having any suspicious doubts just am surprised to see many of your posts there daily…..!!! 😉
        I also have many views and comments on mine but don’t get there all the time…..

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