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Top 10 popular sights to see in Guyana

A trip to Guyana, the land of many waters, which is why the name of the country comes from the local Indian language, and not for nothing, after all, the territory of Guyana is covered by a river network. Vacationing in Guyana is a life-long challenge, since tourism and transport infrastructure are not developed in the country, which is why the nature of Guyana is almost untouched by civilization, which gives the country uniqueness.

Perhaps we used to admit that South America loves soccer, but in Guyana, the most popular sport is cricket, so visit the cricket competition – a new experience during the holidays.

Leisure in Guyana will allow you to relax as soon as you arrive at Shell Beach. What’s the special in this beach? Maybe reign of huge turtles? Let’s discover the unique, yet undiscovered Guyana! It’s a delicate relaxation where you try to inhale as many alien cultures as possible. Tours to Guyana make it possible to understand a kind of indigenous life, to feel inseparable everyday life, to stumble upon the old streets with breathtaking history.

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