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Top 10 most famous places to see in South Africa

The first momentum is red earth from the Discovery Channel and wonderful spring in November when big trees bloom with unseen purple rings. Second impression: everyone lives in jail because each window of the house (even if it is on the sixth floor) is with metal grates, every quarter of the house is surrounded by a fence where the electricity flows, and at the entrance, there are armed security guards.

So many contrasts as in the PAR I did not see anywhere. Wonderful terrains, golf courses, well-off areas where wealthy people live. And after several blocks, it is possible to pass through slum areas where shack are built from cardboard, covered with tin roofs, all around the bunch of rubbish. What to say when young mothers with babies are sitting on the way. Such unimaginable differences are really shocking and awakening like a feeling of guilt that we live in such a false world and we do little to help those who do not have anything.

But still, South Africa is the most economically strong country in Africa. Comfortable geographical location, wonderful nature, rich lands, favorable natural conditions have led to the rise of PAR. Cities like Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg are full of modernity and an excellent standard of living.


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