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Thursday's Reflections – Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach at West Auckland and the sea is the Tasman sea between New Zealand and Australia. By boat Auckland takes 4 days travelling. The sea is treacherous…

Yet, Gannets often cross the Tasman sea.

Here are some reflections of Muriwai Beach. The Thumbnail is 2 people walking dogs.

West Coast Beaches in New Zealand is dangerous to swim in any of these beaches but most can swim between the flags where lifeguards are watching.

Mostly you are safe if you take care, and it just isn’t worth it to be reckless. 

#1 Boy running on Muriwai Beach

I am on a cliff looking down on the beach.

#2 Reflections of Sea Foam

Taken on Maori Bay, which is part of the Gannet Colony.

#3 Looking at Muriwai Gannet Colony from Maori Bay

You climb down a very steep cliff to get to Maori Bay. You need to watch your ankles climbing over very unstable rocks.

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