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Thursday's Reflections – Italian Renaissance at Hamilton Gardens

To reflect this Thursday,  I found quite a few photos that I have not yet processed taken with my iPhone.

Italy is a long way from New Zealand and so far, and very expensive. Cost prohibitive. 

However, although I am not a millionaire, I believe many can go to many places when you choose to think outside the box. In other words, do it yourself. Hence, these gardens were created for many New Zealand people who may never get the chance to travel to Italy in their entire life time. Because they are in low paid jobs where they can barely pay the rent let alone feed their families. Travel,,well for the wealthy only.

I am a bit better off but not that better off..I have learned to cut costs, but learning how to create art work, cook, sew if necessary, make gardens and learn to do what ever I have to from learning from others or creating something entirely on my own. I get some pleasure out of doing that.

These gardens are free to visit and serviced by the Hamilton city council. They have many gardens that represent different worlds.

Today, I show the Italian Renaissance because of their beautiful architecture and gardens.Someone obviously researched Italy and it’s history and designed this gardens.

New Zealanders do not generally have tightly manicured gardens but it is nice to view what others do.

The thumbnail is of a fountain by many pools. Most can not afford such expensive or room for their personal gardens.

#6 Light on Fountain

Four lions for four sides surrounded by four pools plus a centre pool under fountain and there are other pools.

I love fountains, waterfalls, and pools. It its kept clean, as far as I know, most of the time.

Yes, I would say if you do visit New Zealand, Hamilton Gardens is a place you must visit and it is free..

How many places are free in this world? There is quite a few places, but you now know about this place from me.

  1. I took 2 Americans out for a drive on Auckland’s waterfront. There was a mother and daughter, the mother fell on the Auckland War Memorial steps and really injured herself. It was a terrible accident and she missed her package tour.
    I got sent to help this woman and met her daughter as well.
    I was really sorry to hear it and made a point of taking them for a drive just before they left. I wanted to show them more of NZ but time was against it.
    I also hand painted T Shirts for them for “Original NZ Souvenirs!” I am quite disgusted with so called NZ souvenir shops because they are not really made nor served by NZ people

    Go to a craft fair and meet the real NZ People. They and the souvenirs are real, not fake.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. It is surely an honour to Italy for NZ to emulate their art. I have been to Italy and have visited the Trevi Fountain among other sights. I made my three wishes but non got realised. (lol)


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