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I decided to take on Kim’s Challenge. 

On Sunday, the first stops to take photos were Whitford, South East Auckland. Here are some photos over the area, It includes 3 car stops.

Curiosity , so I take a stop to see where a road leads, see things most conventional people don’t go. Hence, see so much of my own city. More than some may see. Yet, there is much more to view and see…

#1 Whitford Road

At the top of the road, you see this view, of the Waitemata Harbour.

#2 A Sheep finds this a curious situation

Assessing what Im up to. 

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#3 Closer view of the Waitemata

From The top of the hill. Its now time to go...

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#5 By Road, Whitford

Probably not supposed to be here. It's fields of horses, race horses, the sport of Kings. A horse float is facing me.

    • Yes, it is always dangerous for animals. Most people love their horses and treat them well but there are those who just breed them for money.
      Horses can be very dangerous but if you show them who is boss but understand them as well you can also have a good friend.

#6 Reflections

The fence is to keep horses safe. Wise choice these fences, better than barbed wire. Horses live here

#7 Straight out to the Waitemata Harbour

Quite a scenic place. You have to have lots of money. People with horses breed them and sell them at Karaka Horse sales where fortunes are made.

The horse can be born and then run straight into a fence, they are breed to go on the race track. Some of these horses are smarter than others.


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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