My drug of choice: The SiS 'Set The Pace' Challenge

Wish Wish by DJ Khaled featuring Cardi B, and 21 Savage pumped me up during this workout. The video is just as great as the song. And man does Cardi B look sexy in it, as she does in this image. I had a really good playlist put together 

Strava badge, ‘The SiS ‘Set The Pace’ Challenge’ gained during this run/ walk which required 202.1 minutes of exercise within 2 weeks. 

Oh wow look at my butt! There are just things that you cannot hide wearing tights. And the butt is one of them! Ha! My mama gave me that!

Tried the Korean-Style Fried Chick’n at Shake Shack this evening after leaving the fitness center, and boy was it good!

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!

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