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The War Memorial – remembering the Fallen.

I took this photo on 30 June 2019.  It was taken with my mobile phone.  I was a little early for Church, so as it was such a lovely day, I decided to sit in the park for a while in the sunshine.  I took this picture of the War Memorial. In November this park will be busy for the Remembrance Day service, but I still think this looks lovely in the summer too. 

I tried to get as much of the flowers in as I could as I think they look so pretty so they are all in full bloom.  I noticed there are lots of butterflies and bumble bees making the most of the flowers too, but none in this photo unfortunately.  I love this warm weather, so hope it lasts.  Summer seems to be a little late arriving this year in England, so now I am enjoying it and spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun.  I hope you are having some lovely weather too wherever you are in the world.  I know most of Europe are having a heatwave at the moment, so be careful in the sun!


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