Tech Wiz: What device do you turn on first?

The first thing you turn on in the morning. Often, well actually every day it is my phone. Then the coffee pot. If you go back to 2000 or even back to 1995, it falls back to the computer then the coffee pot. The reality of early computers was they took awhile to boot to a usable state. We don’t have that issue as much now as we did then. The coffee pot remains pretty much a constant unless I am on vacation. There were a few times over the course of my vacations that I was sitting and waiting for the coffee to be delivered. I like to get up early in the morning. When we were on the cruise ship in Europe, I beat the coffee to the lounge every single day. The crew started walking by where I sat to let me know the coffee was there.

The 3rd thing I turn on now is my Sonos speaker in the office. Technically it is the speaker with he integrated Alexa from Amazon so I guess I use both (Sonos and Alexa) to listen to classical music in the morning. Talk radio is something I listen to during the working day, but early in the morning, it is classical music. For a long time, because my office was always in the corner of a basement, I have listened to music in the morning. Over those years the nature of the music hasn’t changed much. I started out listening to streamed SiriusXM radio more than ten years ago.  I have added the Amazon music service to the things I listen to now, but SirixuXM remains my majority of the day listen.

When I consider the things I turn on in the morning, I wonder what device I will be turning on five years from now. Or, perhaps, in the future, the device will be smart enough to know when I use it. When I reach for it, it will be on. Or perhaps it will be a future where there isn’t a single device. Rather it is a series of collected capabilities that work together. Voice-activated as well (house, please send mom an email.) (House, I want to write my blog). (house, please share pictures of the weekend with my sisters). The future may simply be a voice command away. We may never turn devices on again! They may move to an always ready but not on state going forward! Ah technology your change is half the fun!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Your post with all these precise observations reflects the real truth of life!!! My turining on combination: In late autum, winter & early spring: light-kettle-computer, in the summer – kettle-computer. As for phones, our family prefers not to turn them out.

  2. In the future we probably won’t have to do anything, our thoughts will be read. Kind of scary.
    I always turn my phone on first, something I have not always done, but I check for messages. Then get my coffee. Usually no tv or music. Listening to the birds and lately the rain is enough for me. Amazing how these have changed over the years.