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Rotorua Part 3 – Lake Okareka

I will begin about showing a particular lake in the Rotorua region, Lake Okareka. The first time I came here, it was morning with a mist around it, but most of these photos are of the last trip I took July 14th 2019.

You will see the vehicle of Rotorua “Duck Tours” that goes on land and water. I have been told they were used in war time.

The aim is that people have fun while touring Rotorua and fun is what they do. I saw all of the passengers had an instrument that made a sound like a Duck and they all enjoyed making the noise.

There were plenty of Ducks around here, but I only had 2 duck visitors. I saw some other ducks but there were in the distance.

The Thumbnail has a general view of the lake and you see one “Duck tour” vehicles in the distance.

I think it would be easy to book and go on one of these Duck Tours, I saw a Duck tour vehicle in the Blue Lake as well before this recent trip.

#1 Duck Tours Lake Okareka

On this day there were 2 "Duck Tour " vehicles in Lake Okareka.

#2 Duck Tour

The vehicle is coming towards the jetty.

#3 An old photo of Lake Okareka.

This was taken on a foggy morning. There were no Duck tours that day. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Thanks Doc, the vehicles can be restored with work and care. They will cost. I think it is worth it as a labour of love.
      So far, I have not heard of accidents with these in New Zealand and hope there will not be one.
      However, sometimes accidents happen because people are complacent and don’t check safety procedures.
      For instance with planes, you have a greater chance of accidents, but they have occurred less because people know that in the air it is less forgiving than being on the ground.
      Still no guarantees…


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