PCH Roadtrip

Tuesday, 5.15.18

PCH is Pacific Coast Highway–a scenic road along the coast, which is very long, from OC to LA or San Diego, and even longer from OC to San Francisco. Taking PCH is a longer trip than the freeway, but it is more scenic and adventurous trip. And, it could also people fun to stop at occasional rest stops, cafes, restaurants, diners, gas station stores, and other little pit stops along the way.

  1. healthy bars
  2. car air freshner
  3. camera, film, iPhone, iPad, charger, and outlet
  4. Rayban Sunglasses because they just look classic and cool, and you will look cool on your road trip adventure.
  5. Driving Shoes–another classic accessory that doesn’t really go out of style. It is best worn without socks for that Cali Beach Bum or Surfer look with torn and worn out 701s, t-back white tank top, and red hoodie sweatshirt.
  6. baseball cap with your college logo on it to brag that you went to college and show people you have a brain in your head. So, what if you didn’t go to college? Then, lie. By a cap from a local college or a college you like, and wear it with fake eyeglasses.
  7. hydro flask sport cap water bottle
  8. chest cooler for drinks, ice and food.
  9. journal book to take notes about your daily adventure. Also, Thomas Guide, and other road maps.
  10. fleece blankets, knit throws, and pillows.


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