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Woman Playing Catch With Her Dogs

Woman & Her Dogs in the North Pond Area, Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois. with Vignette (2006-10-25 09-38-42a)

This is an old photo – I took it on 25 Oct 2006 – which I only recently experimented with. Technically it is illegal in Chicago to have your dog off-leash in public unless you are in a designated dog park and this area is not. However, unless your dogs start harassing others, the police don’t do anything. This is a fairly open park with only a few trees at this point so the dogs can get a good run.

The photo was taken in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois, just north of North Pond.

I used a Panasonic DMC-FZ50 camera to take the photo and ACDSee Ultimate 2018 to edit it. I adjusted the lighting and boosted the contrast and vibrance. I sharpened the image a bit and added a vignette with radial blur instead of a color.

© 2006 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.


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Written by Gary J Sibio


  1. Dogs love to play with you with balls. My dog I had loved to roll the ball to me and have me roll it back to her. My cat and i play ball sometimes but not a lot.

  2. You are quite the photographer. A shot taken just at the right time before the Rottweillers start running off. I do love dogs but I am always slightly apprehensive in front of Rottweillers. I guess their reputation precedes them.

    • I’ve always found Rottweilers to be real wusses. A neighbor used to have one and the dog would get so excited to see my daughter that it usually ended up peeing on her feet. Dogs, even breeds like the pit bull, have to be taught to be nasty. The pit bull was originally bred to watch over babies and small children. One of my daughters, the one who got her feet peed on, now has a pit bull and it is very gentle despite weighing about 95-100 pounds.

  3. That’s nice they don’t enforce it. I am having a hard time finding places to let my dogs run. They really need that time to just be dogs. Great shot of those rotties.

    • Despite their reputation from the media, I’ve always found the Chicago police to be reasonable. There are some corrupt ones but they are few and far between.

      I did call the police once on a woman who thought it was just hysterical to let her dogs run loose and harass people. It tried to bite me once but only got my coat sleeve. When the police went to talk to her, she smarted off to them. They gave her a $50 fine and told me to make sure to call them if she ever gave me any grief.