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Taking Lots of Walks

Tuesday, 1.21.20

It didn’t rain again today, and I was able to go to the walking meetup at Woodbridge Community Center, which is starting to look like a dog park, filled with happy and exciting dogs, anxiously wagging their tails. 16 people showed up for the first half of the walk, but only 6 remained for the second half of the walk. Some stayed to eat afterwards, but I wasn’t hungry. So, I went home. 

I noticed from my iphone that I made 4.5 miles and 9,710 steps, walking around two infinity-shaped manmade lakes. I went earlier at the mall to pick up my reading glasses, but I forgot to take my iPhone with me. So, I probably walked around 5 to 6 miles, and maybe done 1 or 2 floors. 

I drank this new drink that I bought from Costco. Gac–a natural drink with electrolytes, antioxidants, gac fruit, monk fruit, and lemon juice. It is also organic, and it consists of lycopene, beta carotene, b12, b6, magnesium, vitamin e, c, and a, potassium, and calcium. I think I will buy this in the future. It come in a 12-ounce narrow can. Their website is

I had taken this snapshot last week when I went to the mall to order my new reading glasses.

Maybe tomorrow I will take a stroll to UCI to see if they are going to have any Year of the Mouse event.


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