My Homemade Cappuccino Via Stovetop Moka

Friday, July 6, 2018

I woke up around noon, and I decided to make my morning coffee. While setting up my Stovetop Moka with espresso grinds and water, I decided to try my own Cappuccino version by added some vegan ice cream in the top part of the Moka. I haven’t tried this before, but I got this idea from a recent video where someone poured milk in the top section of Moka, and it seemed to work fine. I didn’t have any kind of milk this week. But I did have a carton of Vegan Soy Vanilla ice cream. So, I scooped out three small scoops, which looked like about 1/4 cup. I watched impatiently to see how it will come out. The vegan ice cream started to slowly melt, as the Moka heated up. It looked creamy. Then, the espresso started oozing out of the silver nozzle. The dark brown liquid mixed and blended with the creamy pastel yellow melted ice cream to create a thick, caramel-colored and foamy texture. It look like professional-style espresso drink. I poured the hot coffee drink into my mug. It was hot and tasty.

I slipped it slowly while watching some lame Ben Stiller movie, Greenberg. There wasn’t anything better on, and I like to watch something on TV while I drink my coffee or eat something….

I added my photograph that I probably took either in the late 90s or early 2000s with my Minolta 5000 50mm camera. It was taken at Venice Beach, Los Angeles with my late mother and her friend Krysia. We had decided to drive to LA via PCH because it is a scenic drive along the coast, although longer than the freeway drive. It was a nice drive, and we even stopped at Santa Monica mall, which was on the way, and I remember buying cute beige shoes at their May Company going out of business sale. Everyone kept asking me if I needed anything more because they were trying to get rid of items in the store, but I couldn’t find anything more. These shoes just popped out at me, and it was my size. Plus, I wasn’t planning on shopping. So, I wasn’t really searching for anything that I might have needed at the time.

This excursion was one of the memorable short trips we just decided to go on for fun.


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