The Pakistan Chapter: Shandur Polo Festival

Today, I’m going to tell you something about yet another stunningly beautiful place called Shandur Top, which is also dubbed as “Roof of the World” very often as the top is pretty steep and flat, a plateau in fact. The weather conditions would allow you to cross this area between late April to early November only.

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The scenic beauty and dreamlike surrounding valleys are not the only attraction for countless visitors to travel to Shandur Top; there’s a special event taking place every year and that’s the globally famous Shandur Polo Festival. Playing or watching polo anywhere in the world is fun but when the same is being played at an elevation of 3,700 m (12,139 ft) then its not mere fun, it’s in fact adventure as it involves lot of effort and lot of travelling to reach there and join this fun-filled event.

You would love to be part of lot many other activities taking place there that include “Food Street,” “Music Concerts,” “Archery Competition” and “Late Night Music Galas” etc. Now even if you’re alone or accompanied by friends or family, a photographer or an adventure traveler, a nature lover or a polo fan; there’s something for almost everyone around.

Take a look at these stunning images, giving you an idea how beautiful and worth-visiting this lovely place is indeed:

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Written by Nadeem Iftekhar