The Pakistan Chapter: Let Me Take You to Nultar Valley Today….

The next stop in The Pakistan Chapter is the stunningly beautiful, calm and picturesque Nultar Valley. Well-known for the wildlife it offers and loved by visitors for the magnificent mountainous scenery, this lovely valley is located close to Gilgit and Hunza, again in the Gilgit-Baltistan Region.

One can say that Pine Trees are the ‘Trademark’ of this richly green and forested valley and courtesy of ‘Ski Federation of Pakistan,’ the visitors are offered with the ‘Ski-Lift’ services and trust me; a ride in these lifts is quite an adventure and an experience of a life time.

Look at these “Cows With a Skirt” which are actually the Yaks, found in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. It is really interesting to watch large herds of these animals grazing all over the Shimshal valley in particular (in the Khunjrab National Park). They are also found in Passu, Nagir, Baltistan, Broghil Valley and Chitral.

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Shimshal is believed to be the best place, rather an ideal breeding ground of these strangely different animals (from other cows); the place is located at an altitude of 3,108 meters; offering the perfect habitat for Yaks.


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Written by Nadeem Iftekhar