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My Day trip to Bungay in Norfolk.

On 3 November 2018 I decided to take a bus ride to a market town in the county of Suffolk called Bungay.  I had never visited here before.  Bungay is 15 miles from the city of Norwich in Norfolk.  I live in a town called Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, and it took me 1 hour to get to Bungay by bus.

I found there are a lot of nice little shops to visit here, including a quaint little tea shop and plenty of grocery stores and small, independent shops to cater for everyones needs.  There is a museum also in Bungay, but unfortunately I did not get to visit this.  To be honest, I should have done my homework on Bungay before I went there.  As it wasn’t till I got home and looked up Bungay on the internet that I realised there was a museum there.  But there you go.  I shall know for next time I go.

I quite enjoyed the bus ride there too, passing though a few small villages and towns on the way.  I also got to see a lot of the Norfolk Broads.  Bungay is also close to the River Waveney Valley.  Suffolk is part of England I don’t get to visit very often.  But, I think I shall take more trips in the future and visit more places.  All in all, I enjoyed my trip to Bungay and will definitely go back there again at some point.  I really must visit the museum!

St Mary’s Church.

This is a view of St Mary's Church in Bungay.  It was a clear and fine day, and it's a beautiful Church.

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St Mary’s Church

This is inside St Mary's Church, commemorating 100 years of the end of WW1.

Pictures of the pets in the war.

This is a picture of some purple poppies that someone has made.  The purple poppies are to commemorate all the animals that have been involved in war.

    • This is for all the animals that have been involved in war. Many horses were killed in WW1 and 2. And also many dogs were, and still, used in war to sniff out bombs & things like that.

St Mary’s Church in Bungay.

This is another view of St Mary's Church in Bungay from across the street.

Bungay Castle

This is another view of the ruins of Bungay Castle.  There is a walk way over what what once, I presume, the mote.  It's lovely to see.

Bungay Marketplace.

This is a small seating area in the centre of Bungay town.  There are small shops all around.  It's nice to sit here and watch what is going around in this small, but thriving town.

Remembering our heroes

Inside St Mary's Church is a beautiful handmade poppy bed.  You will see a couple of purple poppies in there for the animals.  And also a white poppy which symbolizes peace.

The ruins of Bungay Castle.

Situated very close to the town of Bungay are the castle ruins.  It's free entry, although there is a donation box in the nearby cafeteria.  It was lovely to see these old ruins.

The War Memorial

This is the war memorial outside St Mary's Church.  I visited Bungay a few days before 11 November, so a wreath and crosses had already been placed.

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