Morgus, E003, ‘Blue Horse Toy’, part three


Blue Horse Toy, part three

Episode 003

July 3, 2017


Our serial series is set in Kenneth Shumaker’s medieval fantasy realm of Quantos. We find the Apprentice Mage Morgus is out from the Mage’s University and on his one-year walk-about before he returns for his journeyman certification test on Autumn 50 of Pine, during the reign of King Regeanus III in the royal city of Mount Oryn’s South State district 13. Our intrepid hero, with a checkered past, is an attractive thirty-three-year-old human Jalnoric male with a bold personality and is determined to survive his walk-about year at any cost, even if it means snuggling in and working with nobility.

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Autumn 61 Unicorn

“For a Flair, sure,” says the rogue’s fence.

Sorting through Timin’s coins, Morgus picks out 1.00-coin worth and reluctantly gives the coins to Moren. “I’m hungry; do you mind if I cook?”

“A Dyns for the food.” replies Moren firmly.

Handing him another Dyns, Morgus moves to the kitchen where he cooks a quick, hot, meatless, meal. They eat together, and then Morgus cleans up the trade room before settling into a restless sleep.

Autumn 62 Unicorn

Rising late, Morgus is fatigued from repeated late nights, early mornings, and frequent strenuous activity. Morgus doesn’t have his spell tomes with him, so he can’t memorize fresh spells. But, he has a mission today: travel to the local Orange Temple to Imvor on Hex Avenue.

Sitting with Moren while Morgus eats his poached eggs and fried meats, cooked by Morgus, Morgus asks, “This dagger is a hindrance for me. I have no use for it. How much will you give me for it?”

“A Flair.” Is the simple answer he receives.

Briskly placing the dagger on the table, Morgus replies, “Okay, agreed, but it’s worth twice that.”

“To a customer of a weapon seller, yes. I need to make a profit, so I pay you less.”

With little cheer, Morgus accepts the Flair from Moren, and then he cleans the kitchen after they finish eating. He heads out on his journey once he has made sure the currently crippled fletcher/fence is taken care of and is set for a day of working.

Walking headlong west on Hex Avenue, Morgus arrives at the Orange Temple to Imvor an hour after noon. After speaking with an acolyte, Morgus is quickly escorted to the headmaster of the Temple.

In his office, Headmaster Peneal greets Morgus coldly. “Gods-grace and good fate master mage, what do you seek from Imvor?”

Addressing the old Jalmal, Morgus answers, “Gods-grace and good fate Master Peneal. Imvor’s blessing on us all. An unfortunate incident involving the death of a young man took place yesterday. Unfortunately, his family cannot be located. I was wondering … perhaps with a proper donation, will this Temple see to the deceased’s Right of Passage?”

Observing Morgus’ appearance, Peneal ponders this, and then replies, “Unfortunate incidents are expensive: seventeen Flairs will acquire a retrieval team for Right of Passage of one body.”

Satisfied, Morgus stands and offers his arm, saying, “Accepted.”

After abruptly clasping arms together, Morgus pays Peneal from Lasiter’s coin pouch then saying, “If anyone asks, the body turned up in your care with no sponsor or claimant.”

“I’ll get your team ready to go with you right away,” offers Peneal solemnly.

Leaving the room, the headmaster returns thirty minutes later with three people. “You will be taking a wagon with these people. Priest Herod is leading, followed by our elven acolyte, Stump, and their aid, labourer Arabellen.”

In a true cheerful manner, Morgus greets the Jalmal priest and then greets the other two. They mount the wagon and make the long drive to Fletcher Moren’s, where the jubilant Herod enthusiastically leads the team in. They hurry to load Timin’s corpse onto the wagon to make the trip back to the Orange Temple.

After the wagon leaves, Morgus turns to Moren and says, “I know you would enjoy my services as a servant, with me paying you for me to stay here, but I should go. I may be back again to seek your services in the future – Maybe.”

With that, Morgus swiftly leaves the shop stall and returns avidly home to Perch Inn. It is well after midnight before he arrives at the inn and enters his room. After he has set traps to warn him of intruders to his room, Morgus settles exhausted into bed and goes to sleep.

Autumn 63 Unicorn

Entering the tavern in morning, Morgus finds that Toaren is present. The pirate waves Morgus to his table, and when Morgus arrives he says, “If you insist on staying, it’ll cost you eight Flairs every thirty days, boyo.”

“We’ll see, Captain – depends if I’m earning a wage or not.” Morgus abruptly leaves and sits by himself to enjoy a hot meal he has already paid for.

As he is sitting enjoying his meal the Jalfem cook, Lessa comes from the kitchen with Morgus’ morning meal and his repaired tunic. “All done, good like new.”

Nonchalantly, Morgus sets the tunic aside on a chair for later. Slowly finishing his morning meal, he then places his tunic in his room before he travels to Platter’s farm. Arriving at the Holding at noon, Morgus finds Lasiter working diligently in a shed.

Handing the farmer, his coin pouch and necklace, Morgus says, “The thief got caught on the way to his destination. He may have divested himself of some coins already.”

“Can he be brought to justice?”

Sated, Morgus replies, “He has been already; he is at the Orange Temple.”

“We need to purchase horse toys for our colt. If you could do so, I’ll pay you. Take the wagon. Here are two Flairs to purchase them with,” says Lasiter.

Morgus bows as he contemplates taking the wagon home to the Perch Inn. Then thinking that he needs a new tunic and a new quarterstaff, Morgus decides that a trip to Hampton Market is in order. So, instead of going home, he turns east as he is heading out of Platter Holding onto Drescol, and travels to Hampton Market.

Searching the market, Morgus can’t find a staff, but he finds a deal on tunics for five Dyns each, deciding on buying three. Also, he finds a good price for two blue horse toys worth a Flair each.

Returning home to Perch Inn, well after three in the morning, using skills learnt in his youth as a child here at the Perch, Morgus unhitches the wagon and tends to the animals before going to sleep.

Autumn 64 Unicorn

Leaving Perch Inn at gods-rise, Morgus delivers the wagon and two blue horse toys to Lasiter Platter.

“Thank you Morgus, not only did you get back our necklace, but you got back most of my coinage, and you were quick on the shopping trip. Here are five Dyns for your trouble.”

Gratified, Morgus smiles. “Thank you Lasiter; I was glad to help.”

Still needing a staff, Morgus briskly walks north to Loren Market. Searching long and hard, Morgus eventually finds a suitable staff for two dusters at a small general mercantile.

The rogue mage returns to and, arrives back at the Perch Inn two hours after gods-set. Morgus is now reequipped, but his coinage is low. He goes to sleep without eating.

Autumn 65 Unicorn

Groggy from several extremely long days, Morgus stares at the sealed parchment in his hand. He reads it again … it is addressed to him, here at the Perch Inn … it is from Baron Hessan.

By, Kenneth Shumaker

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