Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand. It is a volcanic lake. It is thought that there was a volcanic eruption in AD 70 and that the Romans recorded a disturbance. That was the time there was a huge volcanic eruption and here we have a huge lake. It was a huge explosion.

Not far away on the South West side is Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongario and Mt Ngarohoe, they are part of a large Tongario National Park and not too far away Waioru, where some of New Zealand Army base has their training.

Taupo is well above sea level and it is cool, dry and fresh air.

This part is a small village away from Taupo city on the South side.

#1 An Island in Lake Taupo

It's an island that is off limits, the Maoris call it "Tapu" and there is a curse on anyone who visits unless you have special permission from the Maori Tohunga.

I believe it is a burial ground.  A place that is "Tapu" is ground to stay well away from and it is labeled that for a very good reason

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#2 Close up of the Island.

Yes you can look from a distance but don't go there. Tapu. 

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#3 Beach of the place where I took the photos.

A lot of the sand has pumice, that came up from the volcanic eruption.Pumice is a useful scrubbing tool. 

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#4 View of Lake Taupo looking West

Lake Taupo is huge

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#5 West view of Lake Taupo closer up

2 trees seem to come out of the water. 

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#6 Closer look at the trees

The water is shallow.

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#7 Extended view of the West side

Tree out of the water to the right

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#8 Another view

The water seems calm

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#9 East side view

More sand and pumice

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#10 Some one coming to shore

The occasional jet ski or boat

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What do you think?

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