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Kruger National Park

This was my second visit to the park in 12 months! This time we decided to tour the park starting at Hazey View and working our way up to Phalabora gate over 4 days!

Traveling from Europe we were a little disjointed that the Park has a multi level entry fee where South Africans pay significantly less than those from surrounding African Countries whereas as the rest of the world pay about 4 times the basic South African rate! We saw this as an unfair practice.


The park roads are very well kept and motorists are advised to keep to the speed limits as there are speed checks in the park on a regular basis.


We saw loads of animals during our stay and have many fond memories etched in photographs.


The rest camps were all very well maintained and offered clean but basic restrooms. These stops also offered catering services which I think are all operated by sub contracted caterers – all very good quality although one or two need attention, but what a trip sitting on a veranda watching all kinds of wild life going about their daily business. We thought that the Sabi camp and Mopani camps were the best for the views and the feeling of being in the wild.


The key to viewing is to keep your speed down and to plan your routes carefully. A drive might only be 60 kilometres but if you do it right that could be 3 hours drive one way. (30kph is the limit on dirt roads)


A decent camera is essential as some of the game is at distance – I had a 300 zoom as well as a decent pair of binoculars.


Also be aware of the park closing times – arrive at a gate late and you could find yourself locked in and probably with a fine too!


Can’t wait to visit again


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Written by Jack Webber


  1. Super shots and interesting description. Locals paying less entrance fee is normal in lots of places, but especially in low-income economies. It irks but may be fairer in the wider picture.