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Most Famous Temples in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The country is unique in that it overlaps ancient traditions with the modern world. Here you can visit the unique temples and castles of the past century and see modern and original architectural structures.

There are really unique temples. For instance, in the small Okinawan sea in Japan, lives only the Shinto religious priest, who prays for the island’s goddess. Tradition has lasted for centuries. The number of visitors to the island is strictly limited: only 200 people have been allowed to enter the festival which lasts just two hours this year. In addition, visitors must adhere to strict rules. First of all they must be men, then in addition, they must get out naked and by the ritual bathing at sea – only then they are allowed to enter the temple territory.

Objects included in the UNESCO World Heritage List are generally more visited by tourists. Nevertheless, temple officials say they are now considering whether it is expedient to forbid anyone to come to the future except the priests. One of the reasons for such a potential prohibition is the fears that too many visitors can destroy the island. Look at most famous Japan temples and may you once decide to visit any of them.


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