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Ever wondered Fly in 2020 and land in 2019 ?

Every passing moment, when it departs from our lives, does not come back again and yet scientists have not been able to design time-traveling machines, but can you imagine some people jumping from 2020 and going back to 2019?

This has definitely happened to people traveling from Tokyo to Los Angeles at least. Yes, this was a surprise to all All Nippon Airways passengers on the NH-106 flight, and they flew from 2020 and returned in 2019.

NH-106 flew from Tokyo on the night of January 1, at 12 : 24 minutes noon, meaning that the passengers had started the new year.

And the flight landed in Los Angeles around 5pm on December 31, as there is a 17-hour difference between Tokyo and Los Angeles. The flight reached Tokyo from Los Angeles in 9 hours 55 minutes and jumped from 2020 to once again in the 2019.

That is, the passengers on this flight must have celebrated the New Year twice. Of course, time doesn’t come back again, but such a strange time might be possible.

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