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Destination – Huntly, Waikato, New Zealand

Huntly is a Coal mining town. Some people live in Huntly and drive up to Auckland on a daily basis as it’s harder to get homes for people. A train goes past Huntly every now and then but it’s usually with goods for purchases and cargo. One passenger train goes from Auckland to Wellington as a tourist train. I believe there are more trains needed for visitors and they would be used.

This town is where tourists pass by and never see it properly but having looked around Huntly, there is much more to see than the main road passing through. There are at least four or more lakes to see around the Huntly area and they are worth a visit.

The Coal mine provides some people with work. In time people will use alternative energy. To be clean and green as many people wish and to combat pollution, people need practical solutions. First find alternative energy and use that as opportunity for people to gain work. If you just close down polluting places and don’t find jobs for people you really can never achieve a clean and green country. People need to earn a decent living. A lot of problems come with poverty. I believe it’s achievable to get people out of polluting jobs to jobs that are clean that provide energy and don’t pollute the environment but it is going to take time and a lot of patience.

There are some nice coffee shops in Huntly town and the people are friendly and helpful. There is also a tourist place in Huntly that serves coffee and has lovely ice creams.

This is Huntly Bridge over the Waikato River that connects East to West districts. The architecture is one type of bridge I grew up with as we often travelled through this area.

This is Lake Hakanoa in Huntly with Huntly Power station in the distance. This lake is quite spectacular and well worth a visit, but I took this from the road near a church for the view.

This is also Lake Hakanoa with it’s photo taken from this church in the same place. A very pretty sight.

People fishing on Lake Hakanoa from the public park area in Huntly. There are a few wharves where you can go fishing on this lake.

Canadian Geese on Lake Hakanoa and this was my first sighting of these beautiful birds. 

There is a lovely park you can walk through Huntly town near Huntly bridge and it’s also worth a visit.

Lots of nice places to see.

Reflections in the water

A greater view of the Huntly Bridge. Below is Lake Waahi of Huntly not so well known

There are people here using kayaks for recreation.

Lake Hakanoa again.

This gate leads to a walkway around Lake Hakanoa.

Here are some Oriental people feeding Black Swans on Lake Hakanoa and there are some cygnets. This photo was taken in Spring.

Black Shags also come and live on Lake Hakanoa.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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