Condé Nast Traveller declared Pakistan as top best country for 2020 tourism

US magazine Condé Nast Traveller has ranked Pakistan No.1 and one of the best country for tourism. According to US Magazine, Pakistan will be the best country for tourism in 2020.

US magazine has stated in its report that the peace situation in Pakistan has become the focus of attention and positive visa measures have made Pakistan the best tourist destination.

Condé Nast Traveller Magazine says Pakistan is rich in historical and beautiful natural landscapes. Pakistan has also become the best country in terms of religious tourism, Pakistan is best for tourism due to restoration of peace.

The US Magazine also mentions the highest mountain ranges from popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. It should be noted that American magazine has released a list of 20 countries, which include Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, the Philippines, France, Sicily, Senegal, Portland, Lebanon, China, Denmark, the British Virgin Islands, Morocco, Panama, Croatia and Japan.

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  1. I think many Western people would need to be assured that the country really was safe for non-Muslims to visit before making that choice. A few months without religiously inspired violence might not be long enough to supply that confidence.

    Also, there are parts of Pakistan that. although beautiful, must pose a real security headache in terms of allowing tourists to visit.

    • Sir you need to study more , there is nothing like this , people who visit Pakistan represent the actual Pakistan but people who just on TV or social may have different opinion . I hope , you got the news BBC report that It was India.s NGO working in EU which aim was to blame Pakistan for every wrong activity. Let me tell you one thing , today Muslim is unsecured in UK where christian is more safe in Pakistan.


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