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Bled, Slovenia

Bled is a world famous tourist destination in Slovenia. In the middle of the beautiful blue lake sits a small island with a church. In this church hangs a wishing bell, which you must ring 3 times and make one wish. You must only make one wish, not more, or none will come true. It was tested. It’s surrounded by wonderful mountains and above it stands the infamous castle Bled, over 1000 years old. If you hike to Mala Osojnica, the view of the lake is simply fantastic. I reccomend everyone to visit this amazing destination.

View of the island from Mala Osojnica.

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Interesting and very steep stairs, many of them, leading to the top of Mala Osojnica.

Beautiful view of the island from the middle of the forest. The view is fantastic.

Infamous castle Bled, over a 1000 years old and built on a cliff. It was never conquered because of it's unreachable.

Island up close, you can ride in a pletna or an ordinary boat to get there.

Fantastic view of the island as you go higher up on the hill and the view shows the island in the middle of the lake.

View from the other side in the evening hours, the island and the castle visible.

If you're good, a squirrel awaits at the top of Mala Osojnica. It was very fast, but I managed to snap one good photo!

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