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Black Sea

The sea is near my hometown Constanta,Romania! It is bounded by Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey too. The most important river who supplies it is Danube. Danube flows into Black sea through a delta. Daube Delta is a beautiful place in my country. Sunsets and sunrises are amazing there! Sunrises at Black sea are amazing too but I’m not a morning person so I saw one in Grecee (lol) when I was on a trip. I love to swim but unfortunately this year water was cold. It is middle of July and I was 3 times at the beach and I swam twice!

Romanian Black sea resort stretch from Danube Delta in the north and Bulgarian coast in the south. There are 275km of coastline. Most important resort is Mamaia near my city, Constanta. There are others resorts with Roman and Greek mythology Neptun, Venus, Jupiter, Olimp. In the extreme south is Vama Veche, a fishing village with hippie atmosphere.


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  1. I once chatted to someone online many years ago from Constanta. It looks like a beautiful place. Could you maybe put some pictures up of the colourful houses you have there? That would be great :o)

  2. Wonderful photos, I love the bridge the most. I can see the rip tide on the left of that one. Looks dangerous, I can see why people would have problems. I have been caught in a few as a kid, you learn quickly to see them and stay away. Good to see you here!