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A View of the Sumlang Lake – 365 Photos Challenge #2

Another amazing place to visit in the province of Albay, Philippines is the Sumlang Lake. The lake got its name from a small village in the province where it is located. The reason why the lake became popular because people can have a great view of the ever popular Mayon Volcano while riding on the boats made of bamboo.

The lake was once a small body of water full of water lilies and other vegetation making it a seemingly useless area. However, with the efforts of the village officials supported by the local government of the province, the people helped in the cleaning up of the lake and turn it into something useful. The place has been included in the tourist spot destinations in the province.

This is my second entry on the 365 Photos Challenge created by Artbytes26

Here is a link to my First 365 Photos Challenge Entry.

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