10 of the world’s most beautiful islands for holidays

When people get tired of the buzz of a noisy city, everyone tries to relax somewhere in the resort. Do you know that there are places where you can arrange a luxurious paradise vacation? Where there will be no one except you and surf noise. An ideal vacation can be arranged on one of the islands, which will be discussed in this topic. In the selection of 10 most luxurious places in the world – the most beautiful islands. Of course, there are thousands of very interesting and unusual places in the world, so this selection can be considered rather subjective. You can find many heavenly corners of the Earth, each of which claims to be the best.

The islands are undoubtedly the most popular holiday destinations on the planet. These are paradise corners, with beautiful beaches, exotic and untouched flora and fauna. Where else is it possible to rest from the hustle and bustle of life? So let’s find out which ones are the most beautiful islands in the world.

Ambergris Island or Ambergris Caye

The island belongs to Belize. The main economic engine of this island is tourism ... Therefore, paradise is being built here for tourists.

Saint John island

It is the smallest and richest island in the Caribbean. There is no airport on this island, so it is only possible to get into it by boat. Because of its remote position and crystalline sea, this island attracts world celebrities, so it's not surprising to meet there famous actors, directors, designers, and businessmen on holiday.


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