Wires, wires everywhere!

Over the past few days, I have been working to reduce the clutter in my office mostly during conference calls. I can hear the calls and continue to learn but can clean my office as well. In fact, over the past four-plus days, I have posted four new things on my eBay site. Ebay isn’t my favorite anymore, the fees they and PayPal charge make it hard to support them. In many cases, they are the only game in town. It makes it difficult when they charge the fees they charge, though!

The other clutter reduction is retracing wires I have connected and should have disconnected years ago. There are a lot of things I have connected and then disconnected over the years. When you do that, sometimes, well when I do that, sometimes I leave the old cable. I am slowly taking all of those out.

Over the years I have fought with cables. Not that they are bad but that they are frustrating. I struggle with the impact of having cables. I have tried so many different kinds of cables over the years. Cables that return automatically, cables that are made not to bend, ones that are made to bend.

Cable management remains a huge issue and one of the reasons why I struggle to keep my office clean. The other thing, as you can see from the included picture is I need to use things I buy. The portable sonar and imaging stuff was for the boat, but I found other things that were smaller and easier to use, so I never opened them!

Technology is always an interesting adventure. For now, I am focused on tech that helps me move forward with what I need. I am not pushing forward into the world beyond home automation and boating right now. Just those two areas alone have a massive change in them, enough to keep me busy posting for the next couple of years at least!

p.s. yes, I have tried various cable management systems.

1. They require you to run the wires through them, which makes it more likely that you will leave the wires because you have to unwind them when you take them out.

2. you are locked with things beings where they are, moving your computer post cable management isn’t as easy as it should be.

Frankly, if wireless USB worked better than it does now, that is the way I would go. Then you have space for your computer and space for your devices (that can be shared amongst many computers)!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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