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Skydiving in Oceanside California

You can now skydive in Oceanside California! The place is called, “Go Jump” and you don’t need any experience but do have to be at least 18 years old and weigh under 230 pounds.

Myself being afraid of heights this idea sounds like torture. No way, no how, nope, nada not me. Sounds terrible, but for the adventure and adrenaline junkie this is a blast. I took my son to go skydiving for his 35 birthday yesterday.

Remember, I use a point and shoot. I tried to get some decent photos of his trip.

The day was clear  75 degrees and there was no marine layer! I was really worried as the day before it rained on and off all day.

This is my son, waiting for his name to be called.

I would’ve been pure white with fear at this point.

This is the “Tandem” skydiving instructor. Tightening up the straps…

Tandem skydiving or tandem parachuting refers to a type of skydiving where a student skydiver is connected to a harness attached to the instructor. The instructor guides the student through a whole jump from exit through free fall piloting the canopy, and landing.


In the shot below they are folding the parachutes back into the packs.

The instructors are so good at their job. I noticed a lot of people coming in with that doe in the headlight look. Especially when they are putting on the harnesses. They do a really good job at calming fears, and their joking banter really helps. This place is so organized, it put my fears to rest as well. I am literally throwing my son out of a plane..humm,…

There is the plane that will take him up to 13,000 feet. The pilot makes it back just before the skydivers do. Notice them in the back round.

I loved this plane… Oh jeeze, my son is first to board… Bye, I love you!!!

You would have to drag me scratching and screaming to that plane. Oh hell no.  I guess I did a good job at not passing my fears onto my kids.. But is this good or bad, lol.

And they’re off!

It seemed liked hours had passed before we saw the first chutes come down.. One of those dots is my son..

Well, everything seems okay..

There he is!

They land in a field nearby and a shuttle bus picks them up. The shot below is right after they dropped him back off. I think his expression pretty well says it all.

First words we’re, “I AM GOING AGAIN SOON” I had to laugh.


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