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This post is just a suggestion for the developers of Virily. This is just my request.

I am using Virily from my phone and iPad and I can manage to do posts using them. While I’m using my smartphone for Vrily it is really good because Virily support mobile-view. Now I was thinking about if Virily would make a mobile app. I can tell that if Virily has a mobile app it would be convinient and also it could have some features in which it can notify you without opening the app or the website itself. Today I am using iPad to create this message. As I can tell if Virily has a mobile app the advantages are: (this are my suggestions if they can make it)

  1. Push notifications
  2. Mobile monetization like “a quick video” or a “interstitial ads” (Virily could possibly earn more and be able to let us earn quick, hehehe)
  3. No need to open browser.
  4. Quick navigation
  5. While creating a post it would be saved automatically as a draft until it is submitted for review.

Then the disadvantages are:

  1. It will occupy your phone storage
  2. (maybe) It needs just a good specs for the phone to make it run smoother.
  3. Will encounter app problems like (crashing, lagging, and other app related problems)

NOTICE! This is just only my idea or just my suggestion for Virily. I’m not a developer of Virily but just a member who just give suggestions. I hope Virily will be able to make a mobile app soon.

I WILL BE MAKING A POLL OR VOTE SOON AND THE LINK WILL BE POSTED BELOW. This could help Virily view how many people are interested of the Virily app and also how many are not.


What do you think?

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Written by Kent David


  1. I really wish there’s an app. Luka is right, I can’t upload photos for my quizzes with my iPhone and Its only possible when I use the pc Lol

    • Have you tried uploading pictures at story or gallery selection? I’m using iPad today and was able to do it. The most important thing is that they can make a app that is balanced and of course it is applicable for almost mobile phone.

  2. WE NEED APP!!! I cannot upload photos to quizzes with my android (idk why) and also cannot do it on PC ‘cuz I use only Microsoft Edge 😀 Also, Push notifications will be great!!!

    • Yey! I also experienced it also problems on writing while using the mobile-view on my iPad.
      The vote link will be posted here soon, the vote is still on pending.